What Was The Initial Price Of XRP and What Was The Ripple First Price?


What Was The First Price Of Ripple (XRP) In The Market? 

XRP, one of the popular cryptocurrencies of the last period, is not getting out of trouble. Cryptocurrency, which has been in trouble with the SEC in the past months, has dropped in value after being removed from many crypto money exchanges. Despite this, it still continues to maintain its place among cryptocurrencies. XRP, the crypto money with a market value of $ 49 billion as of June 10, 2021, when we prepared the article; It is traded in the markets at $1.06 price. Due to its high market size, it ranks 7th in terms of market value.

On the other hand, with XRP being so popular, many crypto money investors are looking for answers to questions such as when was XRP released and what was the exit price of XRP.

When did Ripple (XRP) show up? 

Ripple (XRP), which won a lawsuit against the SEC the other day and whose price increased, release year is 2012. However, when we examine Ripple, XRP and before; We can see that Ripple company history is older than Bitcoin.

So how can such a thing happen? When we approach the subject technically, we see that Ripple emerged intellectually much earlier than Bitcoin. At first, Ripple was a financial technology company that was not much different from payment systems like PayPal.

The theoretical foundations of Ripple were laid in 2004 by Ryan Fugger. In other words, the foundations of Ripple were laid 4 years before Bitcoin. Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto thought of Bitcoin before Ripple. Who knows?

Which year did XRP Show Up and What Was The Price?

We mentioned that the theoretical foundations were laid in 2004. Later, Ryan Fugger handed over the project to Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen. This transfer date goes back to 2012. After the project was handed over, again in 2012, the company launched XRP into the cryptocurrency market. So XRP came out in 2012. The initial price of XRP was recorded as $ 0.01. The date when Ripple has a value of 1 cent is again in 2012.

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