Walmart is also looking for a cryptocurrency and blockchain manager

World-renowned retail giant Walmart has joined the big American companies that are looking for executives with experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain. It turned out that the company placed an advertisement on LinkedIn, one of the job and employee search platforms for corporate companies and individuals, yesterday evening.

While the crypto money industry is becoming more and more talked about all over the world, giant companies that do not want to lose their effectiveness in sales, in particular, are looking for managers who have knowledge and experience in cryptocurrencies.

Walmart postings are “Digital money, cryptocurrency and blockchain expert…”

Now, American retail product giant Walmart has joined these companies. The company’s job posting stated that it sought a “visionary leader to fill the position of product manager in the digital and cryptocurrency space”:

“The person to be selected will not only be responsible for determining the digital currency strategy, but will also determine the roadmap for the products. As he is an expert in blockchain and related technologies, such as digital and cryptocurrencies, this person will also decide on his plans for the future, taking into account the company’s capacity. Crypto-related investments and partnerships will also be the responsibility of this person.”

The ad that came after giant rival Amazon…

Finally, in July, e-Commerce and technology giant Amazon took a striking step and shared a job posting on its website that it was looking for a digital currency and blockchain product manager. It was also noteworthy that Walmart and Amazon made such an announcement a few weeks after this job posting. The two companies are big competitors of each other in terms of retail products…

As will be remembered, Walmart’s China arm also formed a partnership with the supply chain blockchain company VeChain in the past years.

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