PayPal Super App wallet with premium crypto features is coming

US payment giant PayPal, which officially entered the cryptocurrency universe in October and has grown tremendously since then, has announced that it will develop a superior-featured, artificial intelligence-powered crypto wallet (Super App Wallet). The announcement came from CEO Schulman.

PayPal customers will be able to make transactions much easier in their use of cryptocurrencies thanks to the Super App wallet developed by the company. The Super App, developed by the payment company and will be available soon, will allow direct deposits, while also providing messaging and many additional crypto money features.

CEO Dan Schulman broke the news at the company’s second-quarter 2021 investor update conference. Schulman stated that the wallet will be available throughout the US in the next few months.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

It has been announced that the Super App, which is stated to have superior features compared to many crypto money wallets, will be supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, while customers will not only be able to make simple transactions, but will also be able to earn more funds through transactions.

PayPal grows in crypto with Super App wallet

The payment company, which was only included in the cryptocurrency universe in October 2020, announced that it allowed Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum to be traded by its customers. This announcement of PatPal made a big impact in the world, and some experts even said that the bull market came after this announcement. The company also recently announced that it had increased its weekly cryptocurrency purchase limit of $20,000 to $100,000. Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal, also started offering the cryptocurrency feature to its customers in April, while PayPal also partnered with the US crypto exchange Coinbase.

Payment volume is $311 billion

PayPal has also partnered with the Paxos Trust Company, which has released the PAX stablecoin… The number of customers has also increased significantly after the company started offering crypto money features. The number of active customers of PayPal, which was around 300 million last summer, exceeded 400 million. PayPal’s total payment volume for the last quarter was also $311 billion.

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