Important dates in Ripple and SEC lawsuit process

American lawyer James Filan, who regularly informs about the lawsuit between Ripple and the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), shared the important hearings in the calendar for the upcoming period. The process begins on August 16 with Ripple’s response to the SEC’s request for Slack conversations.

In the case of unregistered securities sales, which has been going on since December, the dates for important hearings for both parties have been officially announced. James Filan, the lawyer of both Ripple and the company’s two executives who are sued with the SEC, shared the program as he always does, and announced the important dates in August and beyond with official documents.

August 16: Slack conversations begin with demand

As it will be remembered, the SEC recently made a request to the court regarding the emergence of Slack conversations of Ripple employees. The SEC had requested an order from the court in this regard after only a small fraction of the thousands of messages were sent to them by Ripple. Here, the hearing of Ripple’s response to this request of the SEC will be held on August 16.

August 17: Discovery process regarding documents requested by Ripple but not provided by the SEC to the lawsuit

Another important hearing will be held the next day. The SEC will respond to Ripple’s request to initiate the discovery process regarding undelivered documents.

On the other hand, according to the official document shared by Filan, some decisions must be made by the court in the coming period:

– Whether the court will hold a phone conference hearing on Slack contact information and the SEC’s privilege of negotiation process…

-Decision on the demand for XRP investors to be involved in the lawsuit in March and the SEC’s objection on this issue.

-SEC’s request to dismiss Ripple’s fair notice and incomplete due process claims…

-Annulment requests by individual defendants against the SEC’s amended original complaint… 

However, the court has not yet given a clear date for the final items.

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