Elon Musk Rocked the Market Again With His Tweet, Especially Bitcoin

Elon Musk on Bitcoin
Elon Musk on Bitcoin

Elon Musk Tweet, Bitcoin Drops to $36500 

Forcing the $ 40 thousand limit in the last few days, Bitcoin fell to $36500 after Elon Musk Tweet. Altcoins were also severely affected by this decline. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted again and caused the market to fall. Musk shared the “Bitcoin and broken heart” emojis in his tweet. This sharing was taken in many directions by news sites and experts. Some even claimed that behind Musk’s tweet was a sign that Tesla would sell Bitcoin.

Are Elon Musk and Bitcoin Break Up? 

Musk put Bitcoin and the broken heart emoji side by side in his tweet. Tesla CEO, who also placed an image in the tweet, also shared a short dialogue showing the separation of a couple.

In the dialogue, a woman says to her boyfriend, “I said I’d break up with you if you shared one more Linkin Park quote, but I’ve already found someone…” while the man replies, “Then it doesn’t make any difference in the end.” The man’s words belong to the lyrics of a famous Linkin Park song.

Continuing his tweets later, Musk also shared a visual that shows the male of a couple talking remotely, also watching the fall of Bitcoin and crying.,

Elon Musk Ends His Tweets By Defending DogeCoin

Musk, who tweeted repeatedly, finally shared another image and defended Dogecoin. In the image, people who say that Dogecoin is a fake money with an infinite supply are answered with an image that makes fun of the FED’s unlimited money printing. It was also noteworthy that one of Musk’s followers laughed at the tweet “When Musk tweets, the market goes crazy”. 

While the tweets received thousands of RTs and likes, the Tesla CEO also received messages of reaction and praise. One of these messages was TRON founder Justin Sun. “I will buy all the Bitcoins Musk sells,” Sun said.


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