Charles Hoskinson, the founding partner of Ethereum, launched Cardano (ADA Coin), which is very important in the crypto money market. Ada Coin has remained at the bottom of the crypto money markets for many years. After the news that he was coming to Coinbase in the past months, the price broke a record in an average hour. The ADA Coin, whose market supply is $ 39.6 billion, rose to $ 1.37 on February 27 and became one of the 3 coins with the highest market value.

Cardano for short is the local currency of the platform used to send and receive cryptocurrencies. The owners of ADA Coin also own a share of Cardano. According to reports, many companies are said to be in talks to switch from the Ethereum network to the Cardano network.


Cardano emerged as a platform with the ADA cryptosystem to be used to send and receive cryptocurrencies. ADA Coin is also the token of this platform. Cardano, who wants to use the power of blockchain on a global scale. Unlike current blockchain-based solutions that lack security, management, and other aspects, it aims to protect user privacy and regulatory oversight through innovative architecture.

Once the basic layer to manage ADA is complete, they will create a separate computing layer to manage future commerce, digital legal agreements, and smart contracts to support business.

Innovation offered by Cardano; balancing users’ needs with demands and combining personal space with organizing. The team of Cardano believes that financial participation will increase with an accurate and new computing style providing everyone with access to fair financial services. Its vision is also based on this idea.

The price of Cardano (Ada), which ranks 3rd in the ranking of cryptocurrencies in terms of market value, has increased by approximately 3,300% since 2017, the ADA Coin with the lowest $ 0.0173 and the highest $ 1.37. Cardano’s maximum circulation number is 45 billion ADA and the number of ADAs in circulation is 31,988,310,496. The average daily trading volume is $ 9.6B.


Cardano is a decentralized platform. It is a platform that allows you to make complex programmable value transfers scalable and secure. The platform was founded by Charles Hoskinson. They started their efforts to develop the platform in 2015.

Hoskinson is also one of the founders of Ethereum. Cardano was allegedly inspired by a scientific philosophy and developed for research purposes. With this feature, it is defined as a first in the blockchain. This is coded in the Haskell programming language. It is intended to be designed differently from the protocols developed in the past. It carries out its studies with a development team established with researchers and expert engineers from many parts of the world.

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