Record-breaking £180 million cryptocurrency operation in the UK

After the huge money laundering operation of 114 million pounds on 24 June in the UK, which has recently come to the fore with cryptocurrency bans,, 180 million pounds of crypto money have been seized as part of this investigation. The size of the funds captured broke the country’s record in terms of crypto money.

In the UK, security forces conducted one of the largest operations in the region, and around 180 million pounds of cryptocurrencies were seized. On June 24, another very large operation worth 114 million pounds was carried out.

Conducted as part of an international money laundering investigation

It was stated that both operations were carried out due to an intelligence received on the transfer of criminally obtained assets and were carried out by the Economic Crimes Association of the United Kingdom. The operations are now viewed as part of an ongoing money laundering investigation internationally.

It was stated that a 39-year-old woman, who was caught in the operation on 24 June, has been interrogated since that date, and the second major operation was carried out in line with the information received from her. This person was later released on bail. Both operations were recorded as records in terms of the size of cryptocurrencies seized in the country.

Detective says cryptocurrency operation will continue in the UK

Speaking on the subject, Detective Joe Ryan stated that this large amount seized in a short time was a turning point in the operations and said:

“Less than a month ago, we performed a £114 million operation. We worked hard for that operation. After the seizure of this coin, the situation got a little more complicated, but we were able to trace the coin and identify the links behind it. Today’s capture is a very important milestone for this operation, which will continue in the coming months.”

“Cash is still king”

Deputy Commissioner Graham McNulty stated that with the development of digital platforms, criminals began to use this area to launder their money and used the following statements:

“Money laundering is done in a variety of ways. For criminals, cash is still king. As digital platforms developed, they began to use this field as well. However, we also have many civil servants who are highly educated in this field.”

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