Litecoin vs. Bitcoin and Litecoin vs. Ethereum

Is Litecoin a good investment? This question is going to rounds and no one can give a certain answer to it. The priorities and the needs of the traders are the main factors in choosing the right cryptocurrency.  However, if you consider whether Litecoin is a good investment or not, you have to compare it with the two most sophisticated technologies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two have the largest market cap among the other and still achieve to attract lots of traders. Here, you can find some details about Litecoin vs. Bitcoin and Litecoin vs. Ethereum.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin

When it comes to Litecoin vs. Bitcoin , Litecoin is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining uses the method SHA-256 while Scrypt is the core of Litecoin. Mining with Scrypty is 4 times faster than SHA-256 and uses a lot less energy. In terms of price, Bitcoin token is much more expensive than Litecoin. However, its larger market cap allows more liquidity and higher frequency of transactions. And if you think that the future is a cryptocurrency and look at Litecoin vs. Bitcoin in terms of a store of value, Bitcoin’s popularity and range offer more than Litecoin does. While Litecoin defends a more equal sharing by preventing ASIC miners, Bitcoin’s structure is more open to monopoly. 

Litecoin vs. Ethereum

On the other hand, the issue of Litecoin vs. Ethereum has to be discussed in a different manner. Their core ideas are totally different than each other in terms of purpose and functionality. Litecoin is more like a payment system, while Ethereum is a decentralized computer system with its own programming language. The transaction speed in Ethereum is way higher than in Litecoin with 5 seconds on average. While many people see Bitcoin and Litecoin as digital gold and silver, Ethereum represents something totally different with its infrastructure making interoperability possible. If you look for an answer to the question: “Is Litecoin a good investment?”, then you should compare the cryptocurrency with something similar, not with Ethereum.


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