Investing in popular NFT platform Mintable from Ripple

NFT Platform Mintable

NFT platform Mintable, supported by businessman Mark Cuban, known for his interest in cryptocurrencies, received a total of 13 million dollars investment from companies including Ripple.

Mintable received a total of 13 million dollars investment from companies including Ripple. In the statement made by Mintable on the subject, Series A funding received much more demand than it should be, among investors Ripple, as well as Animoca Brands, NFT investment fund Metapurse supported by Metakovan, Shutterstock founder and chairman of the board Jon Oringer and Doug Band. was also stated.

The $13 million from the investment will go towards Mintable’s scaling of operations and initiatives to increase the number of users.

Zach Burks, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of Mintable, said in a statement on the subject:

“As the industry continues to develop, grow and mature, there are more important days for us. This step is a very important milestone for Mintable. We are very grateful to our investors who share our belief in the enormous opportunities that NFTs will bring to mainstream users.”

Founder of Ripple’s Invested Nft Platform Mintable

In addition to Ripple, Mintable has been reported to have very important investors such as 840 Venture, 7 O’Clock Capital, 640 Oxford Ventures, Digital Finance Group, Expedia Group, Spark Digital Capital, Double Peak, Reimagined Ventures..

While NFTs, which represent many tangible and intangible products as digital assets, span a wide scale from sports cards to virtual real estate and lands, the most well-known marketplaces of the industry are Mintable, OpenSea and Rarible.

As it is known, the young investor Burks, who is the founder of Mintable, bought Bitcoin at $ 5.50 in 2012 when he finished high school and was considering enlisting in the military. Stating that he lost a lot of money by trading Bitcoin until 2015, Burks said that he later discovered Ethereum.

In an interview he gave this year, the young CEO announced in March that Mark Cuban himself had invested in the platform he used and sold an NFT.

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