Bitfinex doubles the exchange’s server capacity

Bitfinex, the digital asset trading platform, has upgraded its server capacity.

Bitfinex doubles the exchange’s server capacity

Bitfinex is one of the digital asset trading platforms offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. The company has improved the volume of its heavy-duty servers which are located in its Zug data center. This is a response to the increasing demand for trading digital tokens among institutional investors, hedge funds, and family offices. 

Thanks to this expanded server capacity, Funds can translate trading strategies from conventional markets into the digital token space. Funds on Bitfinex are able to use many strategies such as High-Frequency Trading (HFT) which includes statistical arbitrage and volatility arbitrage.

The CTO of the company said: “With today’s increase in server capacity, we’ve beefed up the exchange’s front-end and back-end servers. This doubling of server capacity combined with the improvement to internal networking is likely the biggest upgrade we’ve had since we moved to our data center. We have an obsessive interest in technical improvement. This is the reason why hedge funds, institutional investors, and professional traders are trading with us.”

The hub of institutional investors Bitfinex provides a wide range of proximity hosting services for the increasing institutional demand.  The company has partnered with Market Synergy, the provider of network solutions, to serve with institutional standard cryptocurrency connectivity, including co-location services.

CEO of Market Synergy James Banister said: “ We continue to provide Bitfinex with institutional caliber digital asset connectivity. Bitfinex is a recognized market leader and this significant investment in infrastructure reinforces its commitment to the institutional market. They are ideally placed to maintain their market-leading position as institutional demand continues to gather momentum.”

Secure connectivity for HFT firms is possible by a FIX feed or ISP link to the digital asset gateway of the company.  Nearly 100 HFT firms of traditional financial markets are operating on Bitfinex. These firms have taken out co-location assistance in 2018 when Bitfinex shifted its core infrastructure from a cloud provider to a special data center.

The company announced its new upgrade. This upgrade of the exchange’s matching engine manages spikes in volatility as volumes continue to surge, which is caused by an increasing number of institutional investors entering the space.

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