Cardano CEO calls for rally against Senate decision

Cardano CEO Haskinson

caThe fact that the tax provision on crypto money items of the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package in the USA was not accepted at the last moment received a reaction from the crypto money community. Cardano CEO Hoskinson expressed his reaction by saying, “I think it’s time to hold a rally, I’m going to make a few phone calls,” and showed that he is against the Senate.

The reaction of the cryptocurrency community to the rejection of the tax clause in the infrastructure package does not stop. Despite the compromise reached, an 87-year-old senator’s vote ‘no’ to this item, almost for the sake of stubbornness, as an additional budget proposal of 50 billion dollars for the defense industry, which he proposed only, was rejected.

The fact that the senator who voted against was ignorant about cryptocurrencies, his retirement time next year and his advanced age revealed who made such an important decision, while Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, was among the names that reacted.

The tweet of the Cardano CEO, who is against the Senate, caused an echo

Hoskinson, in his late afternoon tweet, reacted to the rejection of the taxation of cryptocurrencies and said:

“I think it’s time to hold a rally in Washington. I’m going to make some phone calls. I will inform you about the subject later”

He gave an example from the Simpsons

Hoskinson, who shared a short section from an episode of the famous adult cartoon series Simpson shortly after this tweet, said Simpson somehow manages to know what will happen.

In the section shared by Hoskinson, while a decision will be made in the Senate regarding the town where Simpsons lives, a senator prevents this decision from being taken by making a completely different request.

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