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How to create a Bitcoin wallet? Which is the most reliable bitcoin wallet for bitcoin transfer? Bitcoin, the most famous of cryptocurrencies, has recently regressed to $32000, but has reached $ 63000 in the past months, breaking record after a record. Of course, one of the most important points in this regard is security. A bitcoin wallet is essential for earning and then transferring bitcoins. So how is this wallet created, what they call a wallet? You can find the Bitcoin wallet recommendation and information about it in this article.

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet

A wallet is needed to use and transfer cryptocurrencies. In order to buy and sell bitcoins, you need to create a bitcoin wallet. I have already mentioned what is bitcoin in my article. When you create a Bitcoin wallet, you get an address and a private key. You can share this address with other people so that they can send you bitcoin. Or you can transfer to the addresses of others. Each address you generate takes its place in the system permanently. It will not be deleted later. If the private key required to access the address is forgotten, if there are no extra security measures, it will not be possible to access the address and the bitcoins in it.

After your address is created, there will be a private key, which is expressed as a private key. You can give the address to others to send bitcoins. However, do not give the private key to anyone, you can think of it as the password of the wallet. It’s also safe to make a note of it so you don’t forget. The security of this private key is extremely important for the security of the wallet. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to look at the types of wallets before getting a bitcoin wallet recommendation. It is also necessary to learn how to open bitcoin wallets according to their types. We can divide wallets into cold wallets and hot wallets.

Hot Bitcoin Wallet

Hot bitcoin wallets are wallets that you have stored on devices that are open to the internet. It is recommended not to host too many bitcoins in hot wallets. Because it is possible to hack and steal information. So the bitcoins you have can fly. However, hot wallets are preferred in terms of functionality and speed. Desktop wallets, online wallets, and smartphone wallets are hot bitcoin wallets.

Desktop Wallets

Unfortunately, desktop bitcoin wallets are the most vulnerable to hacker attack. Because your computer is likely to be infected with a virus, keylogger programs that track your keyboard movements. In this case, no matter how strong and vulnerable the desktop wallet program is, your wallet can be broken as long as there are vulnerabilities on your computer. In this case, you can also lose your bitcoins.

If you will use a desktop wallet, disconnecting the computer from the internet will be the most reliable method after downloading and creating the wallet. The desktop wallets you will download from are open source and reliable. So anyone can see the code of the program. So you can be sure that there are no codes in it to steal your information. You can create your own desktop wallet by downloading and installing one of them. Another issue to consider when creating a desktop bitcoin wallet is the use of SPV or API. If you download an API-enforced wallet, you will also need to download the ledger, which records all transfers made since the inception of bitcoin. Currently it is 122 gb in size. For example, Bitcore is one of them. However, if you download Multibit, you don’t need to download it. Just because these transactions are provided through another channel, you compromise a small amount of security.

Web Wallets

It is very safe for short-term and small amounts of use. To create a web wallet, you can go to the internet address of the relevant wallet and complete your bitcoin wallet creation process within 1 minute. You can use sites like for this. After the sign-up process, which takes about a minute, you will be given your bitcoin wallet address. Then, on devices with internet access, you open the browser and enter this site and enter your bitcoin address and enter your password.

There are also extra precautions for security. For example, you can also use measures such as sms verification, two-factor authentication, e-mail verification. You can also create joint bitcoin wallets with a method called multi-signature. In this way, transfers do not take place without the consent of the partners. You will also be given a password phrase as a 12-word word list and be asked to write it down. Even if you forget your Bitcoin wallet address, you can access it again thanks to these 12 words.

Mobile Wallets

You can open mobile bitcoin wallets through applications that are downloaded to your smartphone and work like web wallets. Already bitcoin wallet sites often have mobile and desktop applications as well. Thus, you can perform your transfers from a single channel. You can download it from the play store for Android. One of the advantages of these is the speed that comes with QR codes. For example, you made a purchase that accepts payment with bitcoin. In this case, it may take time to write your full and correct wallet address of the other party. However, you can have your phone find the address by scanning the QR code. Thus, you gain great speed.

Cold Wallets

Cold wallets are the most reliable bitcoin wallets in terms of security. However, this time, the usefulness decreases. Therefore, if you have a large amount of bitcoin or if you think of it as a long-term investment, it would definitely make more sense to keep it in a cold wallet. Since private keys called private keys are not stored in a digital environment, it is not possible to hack.

Paper Wallets

Bitcoin paper wallet is one of the best methods you can use for security purposes. There are bitcoin paper wallet creation sites for this. With the help of these sites, a unique wallet is created for you. This wallet also contains the address and private key. Then you write it down on a piece of paper or you can print it out. It will be more secure as the private key is not stored digitally. However, you should keep the paper you take notes very well in case you forget. In the image you see on the side, the bitcoin address and private key are written on the paper printout.

After creating the paper wallet, you can use the wallet by selecting the login to your existing wallet in a desktop application.

Brain Wallets

In this, the logic is the same as with paper wallets. However, this time, you do not take notes on paper and keep the address and private key in mind. If you forget this, unfortunately, your bitcoin wallet will also fly away. In order not to forget, you can convert your private key into a password statement via a computer. You can use this passphrase in case you forget the private key by obtaining a passphrase of 8 or more words.

Hardware Wallets

These are flash disk-like hardware specially produced by some companies. It is very small and easy to carry with you. They are also protected by special encryption systems. To use the wallet, you connect to the internet. Meanwhile, the encryption systems it has are updated by connecting to the manufacturers’ sites to keep the security at a high level. We can say that the cold wallets recommended after paper wallets are hardware wallets. But you will have to buy it with money.

Bitcoin Wallet Recommendation

You can use several of these wallets at the same time. The point to understand here is that as security increases, usefulness decreases. However, web wallets that are protected by different security measures and have a high level of usefulness are highly recommended. Here, you can have methods such as multi-signature, sms verification, two-step verification, creating a password statement and methods that will secure your wallet even if you forget your private key. Or even if you steal the private key, the person cannot make transactions in your wallet. Desktop wallets, on the other hand, are not recommended as computers are the obvious target. In addition, cold wallets are reliable but dysfunctional. The most reliable bitcoin wallet is also about taking the right security measures.

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