57 Million Americans Are Expected to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2022

Abd Cryptocurrency
Abd Cryptocurrency

According to the Research, 57 Million US Will Receive Cryptocurrency 

At a time when the adoption of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is increasing, the financial planning and consultancy company The Ascent has signed an important study. The company, which conducted a survey study with the participation of more than 2 thousand Americans, obtained interesting results.

In the survey results, it is noteworthy that two extreme groups want to get their salary with cryptocurrency, as well as an audience that does not understand/does not know how and where to buy cryptocurrencies and therefore does not buy. According to the results of the survey, up to 57 million American citizens are expected to buy cryptocurrency next year.

51% of Americans Have Bought Cryptocurrency in the Last Year 

Here are the highlights of the company’s research:

  • 57 percent of Americans still think that those who do not invest in cryptocurrencies have an opportunity to make a profit.
  • More than 51 percent of Americans who currently own cryptocurrencies have made their purchases in the last 12 months.
  • 41 percent of people say that they would prefer to receive some of their salaries, and 31 percent of them would prefer to receive all of their salaries in cryptocurrencies.
  • 65 percent stated that they can apply for credit cards that offer rewards or cashback in cryptocurrency.
  • 67 percent of investors who currently own or have had cryptocurrencies said they made these purchases using the Coinbase exchange. In addition, more than 28 percent of respondents said they only use Coinbase.

20% of Americans Don’t Know How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Matt Frankel, who works as a financial planner at The Ascent, also touched on important details in the information he gave about the survey:

“20 percent of respondents do not get involved in the industry because they do not understand how to buy cryptocurrencies. They prefer to wait. However, besides payment platforms such as Cash App and Venmo, there are also regulated exchanges such as Coinbase and Gemini. It’s actually easy”

Frankel also states that cryptocurrencies have many uses, and he says they have an important place in both value storage and payments:

“Especially Bitcoin is in the status of digital gold, but there are also disadvantages such as the high price volatility and still not being adopted all over the world… The important thing here is that you determine your position over time, rather than investing all your money at once. “

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