NFT Madness: The Most Insane Nonfungible Token Sales So Far

Once, cryptocurrencies were once the weirdest trend. Everybody was talking about them but a major part of people could not understand what they are and how they can be used. Now, cryptocurrencies are a part of everyday life and no one gets surprised when they hear about them. The curiosity of people has shifted towards something more abstract -NFTs. While fungible assets are interchangeable with one another, that is not the case with nonfungible tokens. You can change a $50 bill with another $50 bill and they would have the same value. When it comes to NFTs, they represent the ownership of a digital product, usually an artwork, and their value cannot be the same with another work. Having an NFT simply means owning a digital good that is recorded on a Blockchain on your behalf.  

Beyond the discussion of what can be considered as artwork, let’s look at the craziest nonfungible token sales ever.

Bad Luck Brian Sold For $36,000

Remember Bad Luck Brian? A yearbook photo of Kyle Craven with braces and a plaid sweater was a meme hit in 2012. People shared the meme with captions of unfortunate events like “Spends all night studying. Sleeps through the exam.” If you think Brian is unlucky, you are wrong. Kyle Craven has recently sold his yearbook photo as NFT for $36,000. Now, you can stop feeling sorry for him. 

A Collection of Farts Sold For $420

WhatsApp groups can sometimes get darker than you imagine. When COVID-19 lockdowns began, Brooklyn filmmaker Alex Ramírez-Mallis and four friends started to send the voice recordings of their farts on WhatsApp groups. He proved that he is a creative genius when he edited these farts and got a 52-minutes of audio flatulence as an NFT. The auction started at a price of $85 and ended at $420. Selling farts for $20 -not bad, huh?

Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sold For $2.5 Million

“Just setting up my twttr”. This tweet of co-founder and CEO of Twitter, actually his first one, is worth $2.5 million and sold as the NFT. While considering the fact that the future is online, this tweet can be seen as the start of a new era and its sale seems more logical than the ones above. What is good about this transaction is Dorsey announced that he will donate the money to GiveDirectly, a charity that helps six African countries with COVID-19 relief.


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