Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Speaks About Ripple Lawsuit

Jeremy Hogan

Hogan Explains What Could Happen If A Settlement in Ripple Lawsuit Is Reached 

Lawyer Jeremy Hogan, who closely follows the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC and regularly provides information about the case on both Youtube and Twitter, stated that the parties can come to an agreement and at the end of this agreement, XRP may have to pay by removing the tokens kept in its “vault”. “This could cause a supply bottleneck in XRP,” he said.

Ripple May Have to Pay Fine at the End of the Lawsuit 

Lawyer Jeremy Hogan, a legal expert on cryptocurrencies, commented on the course of the case between Ripple and the SEC. Stating that the scenario of ending the court by agreement of the parties was also seriously discussed, Hogan talked about the possible effects of this situation on XRP:

“I believe that if the parties agree, Ripple will have to pay a penalty. However, the penalty will be limited to the pre-trial periods. I don’t think there will be a case of distribution of company profits to buyers because it is almost impossible to figure out how to distribute them. Therefore, the agreement may include a clause to limit the XRPs that Ripple removes to sell from its “safe deposit box.”

Hogan Thinks There Might Be a Congestion in Supply 

Hogan also stated that if the parties agree, the XRPs that Ripple will sell to private customers and companies may also be limited, which may cause a supply bottleneck:

“This will slow or limit the flow of XRPs to the market. Thus, sales to corporate companies will not be placed on public stock exchanges for a period of maybe 6 months, maybe one year. Such an agreement will create a bottleneck in the flow of XRP to the market in the coming years. ”

If the Agreement is Received, Ripple Will Be Approved

Hogan said that if the parties agree, Ripple will be the first cryptocurrency company approved by the SEC:

“The deal will pave the way for XRP on securities breaches and other issues. Ripple also becomes the first cryptocurrency company approved by the SEC, and is no longer in a position to be investigated.”

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