Institutional Firms to Increase Cryptocurrency Investment

Institutional Firms to Increase Cryptocurrency Investment

Institutional firms, which are the biggest catalysts of the 2021 bull season, are considering investment in cryptocurrency in the coming period. The survey shows that 82 percent plan to increase their investments by 2023.

According to the new survey of Nickel Digital Asset Management, known for its reports and surveys on corporate companies; 82% of institutional investors are considering increasing their investments in cryptocurrencies and digital assets by 2023.

In the survey conducted in the USA, UK, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, 4 out of 10 companies also said that they are seriously considering increasing their investments in this field. 1 in 10 institutions stated that they will reduce their investments in crypto and digital assets.

There is an expectation of rise

When corporate company representatives were asked about the reasons for increasing their digital asset purchases, 58 percent answered that they expect a serious capital increase in this area in the future. While 34 percent said that they think that the ever-evolving regulation rules will allow this situation, 38 percent stated that they think their funds are safer in this asset group.

Germany is already on the move!

One of the important developments regarding the regulations took place in Germany last week. It was announced that private funds in the country have the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum from 20 percent. Experts stated that with this law, there is a possibility of a fund of approximately 415 billion dollars flowing into cryptocurrencies.

In 2021, money flowed into cryptocurrency with the investment of institutional firms

As it is known, especially the bull season of 2021 was carried out by corporate companies. The fact that companies such as PayPal and Square offer more and more crypto money services, Tesla still has a significant amount of Bitcoin despite all the negativities, and the regular purchases of MicroStrategy are seen as developments that have a serious share in the increase of the biggest crypto money.

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