Famous lawyer comments on SEC lawsuit for ADA, DOGE, DOT, UNI

Lawyer Jeremy Hogan, who has been following the process in detail since the beginning of the lawsuit between the US Stock Exchange (SEC) and Ripple and has said many times that he has found the Ripple company right, also said that the SEC’s other cryptocurrencies such as ADA, DOGE, DOT, UNI are securities. He said could take action.

Hogan, who evaluated the situation on his Youtube channel and started his speech with the recently rising crypto money ADA, stated that Cardano took a wise step by holding ADA’s ICO in Japan and said:

Evaluating DOGE, DOT, UNI, Hogan thinks ADA is doing smart job

“The SEC generally sees nearly all ICO sales as securities sales. However, Cardano did a very smart job here and conducted its ICO in Japan. As you know, Japan is a country where there is no problem in terms of crypto law. 95% of the ICO sales were made to Japanese citizens, and the sales made from there passed into the hands of US citizens.”

“It would be a joke to sue Dogecoin, it could be a DOT investment contract”

Hogan, who also made evaluations about Dogecoin and Polkadot, said that he did not think that the phenomenon coin would have problems, but that a strict review could come from the SEC regarding DOT:

“The Web3 Foundation, which founded and developed the Polkadot platform, had some ICO sales in early 2017 and has generated $200 million in revenue to date. And even worse, these ICO sales were made without the Polkadot platform being fully functional. This is not good. Because buyers rely on the performance of the developers and think that the price of the coin will increase and make these purchases, DOT sales are like investment contracts. Dogecoin does not have any ICOs. No sale. So if the SEC blames a joke coin here, that would be a joke too! I don’t see any danger for Dogecoin on the horizon”

“No profit at Uniswap”

Stating that he does not see any danger in Uniswap, Jeremy Hogan stated that no profit was made from the 400 UNI distributed to Uniswap users in September 2020, and therefore he did not see any danger:

“What will be the outcome if the SEC sues Uniswap and wins? It can’t get anything from Uniswap because there is no profit for the protocol. So there is no motivation to sue the SEC.”

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