Dogecoin had one of its worst days with this fall: The next possible levels

Dogecoin’s fall

Dogecoin, which marked the market with sharp upward price movements for a period and became one of the top five cryptocurrencies, experienced the second-worst day of 2021 on June 21. The dogecoin fall more than 36 percent on the day. The price retreated from $0.281 to $0.165 and closed at $0.1783. The biggest decrease before that in 2021 was seen with 44 percent on January 30, when the closing level is taken into account. Dogecoin suffered the biggest loss among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value.

Reaction to Elon Musk after Dogecoin fall

After the price collapse in Dogecoin, reaction messages rained on Elon Musk from Twitter. One user said, “DOGE dropped 70 percent and screwed us up. We trusted you.” said. Expressing that there is no official organization of dogecoin before, Elon Musk is curious to say about this decline.

Dogecoin has lost 73 percent since its peak of $0.74 on May 8. For dogecoin, which has not lowered its recent popularity from the top, its current level has made dogecoin holders very worried.

Dogecoin price analysis

On the daily chart, Harmonic Deep CRAB Pattern formation was present within the wedge formation. The 0.17800 level, where the pattern formation was completed, also received a reaction as it coincided with a previously tested support level and started a short upward movement. If the reaction continues, 0.23810 and 0.28000 levels can be followed as the target of the pattern. If the declines continue, 0.17873 – 0.16490 region should be followed as Strong Support region. 0.13628 and 0.08000 supports should be followed in 4-hour candle closes below this zone.

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