Dogecoin creator: If I kept $100, I now have $89k

Billy Markus, one of the creator of Dogecoin, which has left its mark on the bull market with its rise this year, said that he regrets not holding the phenomenon coin since then.

Markus, using the name Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, said that if he invested $100 in DOGE in 2014 and hasn’t changed that money in any way, he would currently have $89,000:

“Today in 2014, 1 DOGE was $0.0002624. 1 BTC was $624. ETH, on the other hand, did not exist yet. If I had deposited $100 in Dogecoin, it would have been $88,975 today. Luckily, I put my money into my 0.75 percent annual interest account!”

On the other hand, Markus also announced that he bought Dogecoin for the first time in a long time in June:

“I bought Dogecoin an hour ago for the first time in 8 years after vowing never to buy crypto again. I checked the price 7 times after I bought it. First I was 10 percent up, now it’s 3 percent. Anyway, I think this situation is healthy…”

Dogecoin creator sold his coins, bought a car

Explaining that he sold his Dogecoins in 2015 and bought a car with that money in the past months, Markus said that he could not earn income at that time and he had to do this to make a living. Speaking to Bloomberg, the DOGE creator said, “There was nothing to do. “I had to sell to stay afloat,” he said.

He called Dogecoin rise “Stupid”

Markus has also made some statements about the coin, which has experienced a great rise this year, and stated that it is not possible for him to understand the 1 dollar discussions:

“People argue, ‘Is Dogecoin a $1?’ I don’t think Dogecoin deserves it. This is not something I can understand. It’s actually fun, but it also feels silly.”

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