Bitmain, the Producer of Bitcoin Mining Device, Goes on Sale


Bitmain, one of the largest bitcoin mining device manufacturers in China and the world, has discounted one of its newest machines, Antminers. This discount, which came after the prices increased significantly, caused some customers who had previously purchased at high prices to demand a refund.

Bitmain, the bitcoin mining device manufacturer, which was on the agenda for a period of time with a big fight between the two shareholders Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, went to a price cut on Antminer machines.

China’s Mining Policy Has Caused New Discussion 

According to the news in the Chinese media; After the country’s vice president, Liu HE, announced that “We will take drastic measures against miners” about two weeks ago, it was learned that Bitmain reduced its device prices by 20 percent. However, some Chinese customers, who had previously purchased at a higher price, demanded a refund on the grounds that this discount was not given to them. Bitmain, on the other hand, refused the requests because it did not have such an application. It has been stated that the company only provides convenience for purchases of other devices, in advance payments made in purchases.

Harsh Measures Didn’t Affect Bitmain, Producing Bitcoin Mining Devices

On the other hand, the measures taken by the Chinese authorities and announced to be taken in the future did not harm device manufacturers much. The discounted price of Bitmain’s latest product, S19 PRO, is around 7000 yuan, or around $1100. The ever-growing hash rates and the fact that the companies’ main customer bases are now outside of China have ensured that device manufacturers such as Bitmain are not affected by these sanctions.

Not only the unused Bitcoin mining device but also the second-hand product prices had increased significantly with the arrival of the bull season. In fact, Bitmain showed the earliest August 2021 as the delivery date for orders coming in December 2020.

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