Big Announcement from El Salvador President Bukele in Bitcoin 2021

El Salvador

El Salvador President Bukele Announcement Draft Law To Make Bitcoin Legal Money

The expected big announcement came on the second day of Bitcoin 2021. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced that he will send a bill to Congress that will make Bitcoin legal money.

Bukele sent the following message to the conference held in Miami via a video:

“Next week, I will submit a bill to Congress that will make Bitcoin the legal currency in El Salvador. In the short term, this decision will have positive repercussions for employment and will help provide financial access to thousands of people.”

El Salvador President Bukele Mentioned Before Bitcoin Announcement

“Big ideas are beautiful and extremely powerful. But, like all good things, they can be fragile. When we were little, we always fantasized about the future and were excited about the possibilities. Also, we were excited for the future and eager to be a part of it. However, when we talk about the future, what comes to our minds is climate danger, hunger, chaos… We have started to move away from the idea that we create the future ourselves. We, as humans, can make anything we dream come true. This is the biggest difference that separates us from other creatures. Starting from here, we will include El Salvador in the future. One of the building blocks that makes us who we are is the ability to sensitively incorporate the most appropriate ideas from history and the world into our lives. I think Bitcoin is one of those ideas.”

Bukele also touched upon central banks in his speech, saying that central banks’ decisions could harm El Salvador’s economic stability:

“Central banks are increasingly taking actions that could undermine El Salvador’s economic stability. To mitigate this negative impact of central banks, it becomes necessary to allow the circulation of a digital currency with a supply that cannot be controlled by any central bank.”

Now, it is eagerly awaited whether other countries will take similar steps based on the example of El Salvador.

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