Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP analysis: Levels that will guide prices

Bitcoin: BTC/USDT
We have stated that there is a Harmonic BAT Pattern formation in our chart, which continues the price movement in a horizontal trend in the 4-hour timeframe. There is a rising wedge formation on our chart, which has seen a small rise by taking the reaction from our support zone. If the wedge is broken, a decrease can be observed up to the level of 30887, where the Harmonic BAT Pattern formation is completed. Our main support level should still be followed as 30000. 35110 and 36600 levels should be followed on the ups.

Ethereum: ETH/USDT
In our chart, which continued the price movement in a horizontal trend in the medium term, a rising wedge formation was broken. The formation, which takes its 1st target in the downward direction, will also take its 2nd target at 1894 if the decline continues. The 1700 level should be followed as the main support. 2400 and 2640 resistance levels should be followed on the ups.

With the breaking of the neckline of the OBO formation that we mentioned last week, the formation took the 1st target and completed the Harmonic GARTLEY Pattern formation and took the 1st target in this pattern. Our chart, which is in the formation of an ascending wedge formation in the current price movement, can regress to the 0.5380 level, which we specified as the main support, with the break of the wedge. The 0.70100 resistance level should be followed on the ups. If this level is broken, a rise can be observed up to 0.7800.

Disclaimer: What is written here is not investment advice.

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